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8 Main Tasks of a Brand Development Specialist

How is Brand Development different from Digital Marketing and Content Creation?

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Brand Development is a profession that needs initiative.

The Importance of Having a Brand Development Specialist

Quoted from, 77% of B2B marketing practitioners say that building a strong brand is the key to their company's growth. On the other hand, still from the same source, it is reported that 55% of consumers buy products from brands that are familiar to them.

These two data are also supported by Deloitte Insight in which states that up to 58% of consumers can recall a brand that can quickly meet their needs. Interestingly, up to 82% of them take business actions, such as buying products from the brand.

All of these percentage figures do not happen because of just one action, such as advertising. But a combination of various marketing aspects, such as pre-production, production, when running ads, to post the journey of the ad.

Layer by layer when interacting with consumers directly or indirectly requires an identity prepared by a Brand Development Specialist.

Brand Development Specialist Task List

Analyzing the Market and Competitors

The most basic task of a Brand Development Specialist is to be able to analyze the market competition. This is aimed to track the company's brand positioning compared to its competitors. In addition to being a benchmark, market and competitor analysis will help Digital Marketing in targeting their advertisements and Content Creator in creating content that is suitable for the target market.

The challenge to make this task run smoothly is to have analytical skills and critical thinking to create a strong analysis result.

Updating and Maintaining Company Brand Guidelines

A Brand Development Specialist is responsible for updating and maintaining the company's brand guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines is to create consistency in every layer of marketing activities, thus creating a unique identity that aligns with the company's brand purposes. The most familiar term used for this is Brand Guidance, which is created in either a physical or digital document format.

The biggest challenge in this task is the need to be open to the latest trends that can be implemented in the company's marketing products.

Building a Brand Strategy

After knowing and determining the company's brand guidance, the Brand Development Specialist can build an effective brand strategy to strengthen or even update the company's brand image. This strategy should include elements such as brand positioning, brand message, and brand communication strategies.

Building a strategy is a time-consuming and energy-draining task. In addition to experience, junior brand development specialists can use references on websites or communication and marketing books to create simple brand communication strategy patterns.

Building Relationships with Media and Relevant Parties

This stage is one of the components of brand awareness in a brand communication strategy. In improving the brand value in the eyes of the public, publicity from reputable and large mass media organizations is highly valuable. This is because most consumers use search engine tools to verify the authenticity of a brand.

To carry out this task, a brand development specialist must be able to coordinate with the marketing team in the process of creating articles, content, or press release events. The role of the brand development specialist in this regard is to highlight the things that need to be included in the media. This is commonly referred to as the framing method.

Developing Advertising and Promotion Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are one of the keys to why a company should have a brand specialist. Often, company executives are too focused on the potential revenue of the company rather than the value obtained when running an advertising campaign.

Advertising campaigns are different than advertising itself. Advertising campaigns are a series of ads run during a certain period of time, while advertising is the material (content) used when the advertising campaign is run. Just like political campaigns, advertising campaigns do not focus on Return on Investment (RoI) but on Return on Relationship (RoR).

In the process, advertising campaigns run not only on one medium but a combination of other media. In theory, advertising campaigns use marketing mix strategies to achieve the desired awareness goals more quickly.

Developing Marketing Plans and Budgets

It is important for a brand development specialist to budget expenses, but this task can be made easier by discussing it with the marketing team.

The most common expenses related to brand development are PR packages, press releases, key opinion leaders (KOL), and even self-development programs such as courses or workshops related to brand trends.

This section requires basic skills in Break Even Point (BEP) or Return on Investment (RoI) so that the proposed costs have clear reasons and objectives when presented.

Having a Basis Skill in Reading Data

This section is directly related to market and competitor analysis. A Brand Development Specialist can analyze the market by using data in the form of numbers or graphics to ensure that the analysis results are more objective.

If the analysis is objective enough, the final result requested is a recommendation for action or decision from a Brand Development Specialist to the company's Board of Directors or superiors.

Creative and Innovative

Basically, this task is not just focused on the duties of a Brand Development Specialist. In brainstorming creative ideas, a team of Content Creators and other specialists in the marketing team is needed because it is closely related to building relationships with the target market.

The expected outcome of this task is advertising/marketing activities that are trendy and in line with the company's values.

Individually we are one drop but together, together we're an ocean - Ryunosuke Satoro

In conclusion, a Brand Development Specialist is not an independent division. In its operation, this profession is highly dependent on two things, marketing and company finances.

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